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Black, Small, Black, Medium, Black, 2XL, Black, 3XL, Royal Blue, Medium, Royal Blue, 2XL, Royal Blue, 3XL, Purple, Small, Purple, Medium, Purple, 2XL, Purple, 3XL, Grey and White, Small, Grey and White, Large, Grey and White, 3XL, Maroon, Small, Maroon, 2XL, Black and Red, Small, Black and Red, Medium, Black and Red, 2XL, Grey and Blue, Small, Grey and Blue, Medium, Grey and Blue, 2XL, White and Blue, Small, White and Blue, Medium, White and Blue, XL, White and Blue, 2XL, White and Blue, 3XL, Red, Small, Red, 2XL, Red, 3XL, Turquoise, Small, Turquoise, Medium, Turquoise, Large, Turquoise, 2XL, Turquoise, 3XL, Dark Grey, Small, Dark Grey, Medium, Orange, Small, Yellow, Small, Light Green, Small, Light Green, Medium